How to Buy a Used Tent Online for Your Next Camping Adventure

Feb. 16, 2021

Three tents pitched on the landing of a mountain

Outdoor recreation has boomed during the pandemic as people gravitate toward open spaces where they can have fun at a safe distance from others. Whether you were already an expert camper or getting into camping for the first time this past season, you may have realized you need some new supplies — and had a hard time finding them in stock. Renewed enthusiasm for outdoor activities caused shortages of some types of outdoor gear.

Shopping for used outdoor gear is a great way to find the supplies you need even amid shortages. And of course, choosing secondhand has a lighter impact on the planet than buying new.

Because outdoor gear is a relatively niche market, you’ll likely find more used outdoor gear online than you would in a brick-and-mortar thrift store.

How can you find high-quality used outdoor gear online? As an example, let’s say you’re ready to turn your day trips into overnight excursions. Here are some tips for how to buy a used tent online for your next camping adventure.

1) Choose a search tool that specializes in outdoor gear.

While you can find outdoor gear like tents on general resale websites like eBay, there are also outdoor-specific markets like Geartrade that carry a wider variety of camping gear. Secondarie searches both general secondhand websites and outdoor-specific platforms to show you the widest selection of used outdoor gear in a single easy-to-browse feed.

Screenshot of Secondarie search results page showing multiple camping tents

Secondarie shows you search results from outdoor-specific markets and general resale platforms like eBay, so you get a wide variety of results in a single feed.

2) Choose a search tool that carries exclusively used gear.

If you want to save money and tread more lightly on the planet, secondhand gear is the way to go. Major outdoor brands like Patagonia and REI emphasize the importance of reuse by running their own resale programs in addition to selling new products. Secondarie’s outdoor gear search tool includes results from both the Patagonia and REI resale programs, as well as Geartrade.

Secondarie’s mission is to make it easier for people to choose secondhand first in order to minimize damage to the planet we all share. Secondarie only shows you secondhand search results, so you can be confident that your purchases aren’t creating demand for extracting new raw materials from the earth.

3) Read product descriptions carefully.

When shopping for an item like a used tent that has multiple parts, it’s important to read the seller’s description carefully. Are any pieces missing or damaged? Does the tent come with a carrying case?

To save money, you may be willing to strike a balance between condition and price. But always read the full description and review all photos carefully to make sure you’re getting a tent that will meet your needs.

4) Don’t forget about local options.

While there is a lot of outdoor gear for sale online, you may be able to save money on shipping by narrowing in on sellers near you. Use Secondarie’s search filters to find items available for local pickup within a specified mile radius. Starting with local results can be a great way to save on shipping, especially for large items like tents.

Try your next search for used outdoor gear on Secondarie and find what you’ve been looking for.