Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I search for an item in a particular size or color?

Because most of the platforms searched by Secondarie don't have unique data fields for color or size, the best way to search for a particular color or size is to include them in your search keywords. For example, you could search for “black boots size 8.” If you're not getting the right size in your results, make sure you have the word "size" in your search terms.

How do I search for pants with a particular waist size?

For more accurate results when specifying a waist size, follow these tips:

When I search directly on the eBay website, I see results that aren't shown on Secondarie. Why is that?

Because our mission is to facilitate the purchase of secondhand items, we filter out items on eBay that are classified as “New.”

How does Secondarie find results near me?

Secondarie uses your ZIP code and the radius you indicate in your search parameters. If you leave the zip code field blank, Secondarie uses the region associated with your IP address to approximate your location. Depending on your Internet Service Provider, this might not be accurate. We recommend filling out the zip code field if you are looking specifically for items near you.

How does Secondarie compile results from “anywhere in the U.S.”?

When you choose “anywhere in U.S.” as your search radius, Secondarie compiles results based on the delivery methods available on each platform. For platforms that offer shipping (currently eBay, Goodwill Auctions, Poshmark, and Bonanza), we include results from the entire U.S. For platforms that offer local pickup only (currently Craigslist), we include results within a 100-mile radius of your location, as indicated by your ZIP code or IP address (see above).

Does the Secondarie distance radius apply to both local and shipped results?

Yes, to the extent possible on each Source platform. Your distance radius applies to all Local Pickup results, as well as Shipping results if the Source's search results include the seller's location. At this time, Poshmark search results do not include seller location, so searches on Poshmark will return all results, regardless of your distance radius.

Why do some of the Sources become unavailable depending on my Delivery method?

Not every secondhand marketplace offers both local pickup and shipping options. If you select “Local Pickup” as your only Delivery method, we disable the platforms that do not offer local pickup. If you select “Shipping” as your only Delivery method, we disable the platforms that do not offer shipping.

Some results from Geartrade appear to be brand-new items. Why is that?

Geartrade currently carries some closeout and liquidation inventory from brands, along with resale items from individual sellers. If we were to filter out all closeout and liquidation items, it would also cause us to filter out legitimate resale items that happen to be in new condition (for example, if someone is reselling new boots that ended up being too small). In order to keep these high-quality listings in our results, we have decided for the time being not to implement this filter. We will monitor Geartrade search results to make sure new items from brands are not a significant percentage of the results. We encourage you to review the details and seller of items you are interested in to ensure they match your values.


How do I sell my items on Secondarie?

To have your items show up in Secondarie search results, all you need to do is list them for sale on any of the Sources we search. We intentionally don't offer our own selling feature so sellers can use the platform they prefer and not have to manage their items on multiple platforms.

I own an independent secondhand shop. Can I be listed as a Source on Secondarie?

We are currently exploring the possibility of integrating independent secondhand shops into the Secondarie search tool. If you own a shop and are interested in potentially becoming a Source, please fill out our Independent Shop Application.


Do you make money from Secondarie?

We currently earn money from Secondarie through affiliate links from some of our source platforms. We are exploring ways to expand the site's features and improve the long-term viability of this project without compromising user privacy or relying on advertising. If you like what we're doing and would like to support it, you can buy us a coffee!